Manufacturing Services

Mission Controls Company has over twenty-five years of experience in manufacturing control enclosures, motor control centers, power distribution boxes, and other factory automation assemblies.  All of our products are UL 508A certified and are manufactured based on ISO quality standards.

We have a dedicated team for quick turn of custom controls to get you up and running as fast as possible.  We can build complete turnkey solutions or we can build using customer consigned kits to meet your individual manufacturing objectives.

We have a proven track record of providing continued support for all our products long after they leave our facility.

Manufactured Assemblies

• UL 508A Certified

• UL 698A Intrinsically Safe Certified

• Motor Control Centers

• PLC Control Panels
• Relay Control Panels
• Power Distribution Enclosures
• PC & HMI Operator Interface Terminals
• Stepper and Servo Control Systems 
• AC/DC Power Units
• Communications Panels
• Custom Sheetmetal Assemblies
• Custom Rack Assemblies

Manufacturing Practices

• Intelligent Routing
• Terminal Block Terminations
• Voltage Isolation
• Component Labeling
• Wire Marking
• Loop Checks
• Point to Point Testing

• Full Documentation
• Field Support